Caesar J. Balzotti


Chairman & CEO

        Caesar serves as the Chairman & CEO of Balzotti Global. He oversees each project the company undertakes from planning through completion.

        He has been a significant player in the construction and real estate businesses for the last 30 years, simultaneously managing multiple construction and roofing projects across the United States. He has either built or rehabbed more than 2,000 residential units and rehabbed more than 1 million square feet of commercial and industrial space during his career.

        Caesar was previously the President of Caesar’s Roofing, Inc. The Company was one of the largest union roofing companies in the country with over 500 employees nationwide. It completed several major projects including, Boston's Logan International Airport, the Suffolk County Court House, John Hancock Berkeley Building, Massachusetts Port Authority, Mystic Pier in Charlestown, and the General Motors Plant in Framingham, MA. 

        He was also the President of Platinum Construction Services, Inc. and  Caesar/Platinum Corp., two well-known, national, non-union construction and roofing companies. Both companies undertook large projects, including the China Trade Center in Boston, MA, the Digital computer chip manufacturing facility in Hudson, MA, the Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY, and the rehabilitation and roofing of many structures in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in Florida.

        Most notably, Caesar and his team at Platinum completed 60 acres of roofing on two buildings in the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Facility, which is operated by the government-owned Lockheed Martin in rural Pike County, Ohio. The project, while it was underway, was the largest roofing project ever to be completed at once in the United States.

        Caesar has also been a sizable force in the distressed debt industry. Throughout the last 30 years he has purchased and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of consumer and commercial debt portfolios. He purchased the portfolios from the FDIC and various financial institutions across the country. 


        He has built, bought, and/ or sold a number of different companies and properties over the years, and has been a partner in several joint ventures. Whether it was the $40 billion dollar investment banking firm or the partnership with the $130 billion public company, Caesar held no less than 50% of the ventures and was always the Managing Partner. Additionally, he has sat on the Board of Directors for numerous companies. 

        He credits his longstanding career to the “win-win” approach he applies to each of his dealings; the end result must be equally favorable to each party involved. 

        Caesar has always believed that success is not measured by one’s accumulations in life; rather, the true measurement lies in the ways in which that success is shared and also the amount of lives touched along the way. He is always among the first to offer any and all of his resources for a good cause. He was a founding member and also a former President of the Boston chapter of the Starlight Children's Foundation. In addition to serving on the Foundation's Boston Board of Directors, he also served on its national and international Boards as well. Presently, he is a Director of the Balzotti Global Foundation, a foundation that he and his family formed as a continued part of their philanthropic efforts.