President of Operations

        Known to many as "Cousin Mike," Michael is the man with the magic... the one who makes everything we do possible! He works tirelessly in his role  to ensure that each endeavor is carried out as smoothly as possible. He provides on-site, detail-oriented management of each job and works closely with our associates, clients, and vendors to maximize efficiency and satisfaction.

        Michael was previously a Principal of Platinum Construction Services, Inc. He was also the President of Safeway Leasing, Inc., a large commercial equipment and heavy machinery leasing company. At the same time, he was the President of both Sand Key Investment Group, Inc., and Scottsdale Investments, Inc; both were successful investment and lending companies.

        Michael is always a pleasure to see as he rarely shows up to a meeting without a box of fresh Italian pastry in hand!

        When he's not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his lovely wife of over 40 years, Carol. Their children and grandchildren are their pride & joy. Michael is also a Director of the Balzotti Global Foundation.