Chief Financial Officer
Brittany R. Balzotti
            Brittany is currently the President of Safeway Leasing, Inc. and the Managing Partner of Balzotti Global Fund One, LLC. 

            After working in the family business from such an early age, Brittany grew a strong interest in all facets of the company.

            Brittany began her career working at Eucalyptus Financing, while attending Loyola Marymount University for Marketing and Communications. At Eucalyptus Financing, Brittany helped with both the marketing and financial aspects of the business. In 2008, Brittany obtained her Undergraduate Degree from LMU and developed a stronger interest in finance.

            After obtaining her undergraduate degree and acquiring knowledge in finance, Brittany chose to further her academic career by pursuing a Master's Degree in Finance and Real Estate Development. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an MBA in 2012. 

            Upon graduating, Brittany took a job at Boston's Off Campus Apartment Finder to gain experience in real estate. There she assisted real estate agents along with provided marketing support to gain business awareness and customer acquisition.

            In 2014, Brittany took a different role to gain experience in marketing. She joined bebe Stores, inc. for 3 years, providing marketing support to the e-commerce  team and later finishing her career at the company as a digital analyst.

            In 2017, Brittany accepted the offer to be President of Safeway Leasing. After gaining outside experience in real estate, finance and marketing, Brittany was eager to come back to where she began. 

            When she is not working, Brittany can be found practicing Yoga or involved in charity work. She is a Director of the Balzotti Global Foundation and is deeply dedicated to enriching the lives of others and giving back to the community in every which way she can.